Services Overview


We make statues and paintings to measure. We also remake, repair and restore statues in various materials including:- Ceramics, Plaster, Metal, Stone, Resin etc. Our services include remediating chipped, broken or cracked items, restoring missing parts and repairs to damaged items.


We use our specialized skills and knowledge when restoring or creating sculptures and artworks made from all materials i.e. Copper, Stone, Wood, Welding and Figurative Fiberglass.


We redo and make lettering and text (made to order) for your Statues and Paintings. We undertake restoration of Paintings, Murals, Mosaics, Religious Statues and Iconography, Monuments, Heritage Artefacts and Antique Artworks. We also advise on the best method to protect and fully restore your artwork.


Service You Can Count On

Art gallery grade expertise
  • Painting restoration
  • Painting remediation
  • Antique art
  • Reframe or remount
Specializing in sculpture remediation
  • Sculpture statue restoration
  • Religious statue/memorial restoration
  • Religious art restoration
  • Religious sculpture conservation
Welding, recoating and stone work.
  • Mosaic artwork restoration
  • Metal or stone statue restoration
  • Metal artwork restoration
  • Stone artwork restoration